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Welcome to Teen Ahegao Social, a social hub for Ahegao lovers aroung the globe.  We have two main categories, IRL and Hentai, please tag accordingly.  Feel free to Uload, Download, Upvote and share this content, as it is totaly free! At the end of each month, main page entries will be moved into either Hall of Fame, or Archive depending on their upvotes. 

Uploading Guidelines

Please keep all content relevant, free softcore pic compertition. 

Ahegao Wikipedia desctiption:

     ‘Ahegao is a term in Japanese pornography for an exaggerated facial expression of characters during sex, typically with rolling or crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and slightly reddened face, to show enjoyment or ecstasy. The style is often used in erotic manga, anime, and video games.’

We allow the following rating of uploads:

X – Provocative in nature 

XX – Nudity, no sexual acts

XXX – Full frontal nudity which may include sexual acts. (We aim for softcore, but XXX is allowed)

Please Categorise your uploadds in the relevant category.

Welcome to Teen Ahegao, the Ahegao picture upload site. We accept all forms of Ahegao pictures, just make sure to follow the rules and have fun. We also have themed submissions, the current theme can be found above the gallery. All pictures are posted for fun, and we do not take any form of credit for any of the pictures here. Thank you for your support.

Visit us frequently and look for the new submissions, all entries are verified before being allowed onto the gallery. 

Remember to write a brief description of your AHEGAO picture or upload a link to the picture so we can read it. Thanks.

If your picture has the most stars at the end of the theme, you will make it intom th Hall Of Fame. If not, all the pictures will be held in archive for future use.